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Video: IndyCar fake news – pre St. Pete season opener

26 March 2011: Pole day @ St. Petersburg and there’s no streaming video in Hollywood. There’s no streaming video anywhere. Why? Because there is no streaming video. The ghost of all things wrong to do with IndyCar makes an appearance. Is this mere coincidence?
Tom Carnegie’s legacy lives on. Post race show to come…

Video: Long Beach IndyCar track preparation March 19th 2011

Here’s a rolling trip around most of the corners of the Long Beach Grand Prix circuit. One month before the event the track is taking shape, except for some dirt around the hairpin. The advice given by the commentator is not for actual race drivers to pay any attention to whatsoever, because it’s probably wrong.


IndySoup – Humor and fake news from the world of IndyCar Racing

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Dishing out heaps of the latest spoofs and parodies about the 2011 IZOD IndyCar series…can you take it?