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2000 Miles to Indy: Day 06 May 20, 2011

Well it was more like 2300 miles, but I am now in Speedway, IN!

And this is how day 6 ended-more on Fast Friday happenings as I get to it, but qualifying is tomorrow so it may be awhile… Oh yeah, I got to ride in a pace car for a lap around the Speedway! Video will be posted soon…

The IndySoup Special at the yard of bricks by the pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Looking up the pit wall and front straightaway: Fast Friday


2000 Miles to Indy: Day 05 May 19, 2011

Fueling up with Ethanol (alright it’s 10%) and having a Bobby Unser moment as I head out of the Land of Enchantment for a midnight drive.

Sunrise just outside of Oklahoma City, OK…okay? Looks like we’ve brought some California & Arizona sunshine toward the Speedway, so hopefully we’ll have some action on the track! Of course, I’ll miss it because I still have a lot of driving to do today myself…right at 1450 miles logged so far, averaging over 39 MPG in the IndySoup Special. Looks like I’ll make it there by Friday-see you there!

Man, do I suck at Planking, but it was so cool to be this close to the Johnny Lightning 500 Special! (pic from yesterday, photo by Joni)

Running on empty-hope the pits are open! (somewhere in Oklahoma)

Oklahoma is merely OK…

Missouri at last!

IndySoup arrives in St. Louis-the Gateway to the Speedway!

2000 Miles to Indy: Day 04 May 18, 2011

In Albuquerque before the next leg of the journey-just went to the Unser Racing Museum & saw some one of a kind IndyCars. Thanks to the great people there and for Joni letting me interview her – she is a racing expert of the first magnitude!

IndySoup Special @ Unser Racing Museum

Steering Wheel Entrance Doors

1970 Johnny Lightning 500 Special!

Museum docent Joni talks about Al Unser’s 1987 winning car, Pikes Peak and going to the Centennial Indy 500 this year.

2000 Miles to Indy: Day 03 May 17, 2011

Day 3, May 17th – 2nd leg – Phoenix to Alberqurque, Route 66
Shell & Starbucks commercials, gas & oil for the road. No activity @ the Speedway so far.
Red rocks and pines, near Show Low, AZ
Classic Chevy and the IndySoup Special at the WigWam Motel, US Route 66

The open road, going to an open wheel race…

Danica is my co-pilot

2000 Miles to Indy: Day 02 May 16, 2011

May 16th, 2011:(speaking of 16th, I’ll be @ 16th & Georgetown in a few days!)

Fake Firestone commercial-shameless pitch for sponsorship…

Scottsdale, AZ-home to IndyCar drivers Arie, Danica and The Gas Man…

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix AZ; fresh haircut (really) from Steph @ Moments-44th&Camelback;



2000 Miles to Indy Day 01 May 15, 2011

Some sights along the way – Hollywood to Phoenix – 400 miles on day 1:


Passing the Target truck


wind farm @ Palm springs


Dust devils and rumble strips on I-10, California desert


Driving puts a smile on my face!


The IndySoup-mobile, pit stop @ Quartzsite, AZ

2000 Miles to Indy: May 14, 2011 is heading to Indy! I’ll be driving the IndySoup 1990 Honda CRX from Hollywood, CA to Speedway, IN – a 2000 mile drive to see a 500 mile race. Follow us for daily updates on the journey, qualifying and the race. See you at the Speedway!