‘Twas the Night Before Indy (Christmas repost)

Twas the night before Indy
And all ’round the track
Not an engine was purring
Not even a cat
The race suits were hung
By the helmets with care
In hopes that St. Marmon
Soon would be there

The drivers were resting
All snug in their beds
While visions of milk bottles
Danced in their heads
The Dallaras sat silent
Awaiting command
As the twin checkered flags
Stood by in their stand

When out on the bricks
I heard such a clatter
I headed down pit lane
To see what’s the matter
In Gasoline Alley
I saw such a sight
’twas the old Marmon Wasp
Like a ghost in the night
With it’s little old driver
His hair turning grey
I knew in a moment
It must be St. Ray

Like Dan Gurney Eagles
The other cars came
He whistled and shouted
And called them by name
Now Offy! Now Novi!
Now Hall’s Chaparral!
Lolas and Marches
McLarens and all!
To the top of the grid
Along the pit wall
Drive away! Drive away!
Drive away all!

And then on a microphone
I heard in the night
A golden-voiced angel
Who brings such delight
Said the Ghost of Tom Carnegie
With a smile on his face:
“500 miles to all
And to all a great race!”


~Merry Christmas from IndySoup – see you in 2013!


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