IndySoup is a new blog/vlog/fake news site spoofing the teams, drivers and events of the IZOD IndyCar series. I have been a fan of U.S. open wheel racing since the early 1980’s and while I may make sport of my favorite drivers, it’s only from a place of true reverence for the series and its history.

Feel free to comment and/or shoot back at me with snide remarks concerning yours truly – I don’t mind negative comments, but since this is a humor site, please try to make them funny!

15 March 2011

Chris Sheridan


* Note about the posts: If I use an image or video clip from another source, it is in the spirit of parody, which falls under the Fair Use aspect of copyright laws. I will put a © watermark on my image and video posts, not so much to claim credit, but to take responsibility for what I put out into the public sphere. Humor is a purely subjective experience and not all people see through the same lens:)

Chris Sheridan

(updated 27 Jan 2012)


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