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2000 Miles to Indy: Day 05 May 19, 2011

Fueling up with Ethanol (alright it’s 10%) and having a Bobby Unser moment as I head out of the Land of Enchantment for a midnight drive.

Sunrise just outside of Oklahoma City, OK…okay? Looks like we’ve brought some California & Arizona sunshine toward the Speedway, so hopefully we’ll have some action on the track! Of course, I’ll miss it because I still have a lot of driving to do today myself…right at 1450 miles logged so far, averaging over 39 MPG in the IndySoup Special. Looks like I’ll make it there by Friday-see you there!

Man, do I suck at Planking, but it was so cool to be this close to the Johnny Lightning 500 Special! (pic from yesterday, photo by Joni)

Running on empty-hope the pits are open! (somewhere in Oklahoma)

Oklahoma is merely OK…

Missouri at last!

IndySoup arrives in St. Louis-the Gateway to the Speedway!

2000 Miles to Indy: Day 02 May 16, 2011

May 16th, 2011:(speaking of 16th, I’ll be @ 16th & Georgetown in a few days!)

Fake Firestone commercial-shameless pitch for sponsorship…

Scottsdale, AZ-home to IndyCar drivers Arie, Danica and The Gas Man…

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix AZ; fresh haircut (really) from Steph @ Moments-44th&Camelback;



2000 Miles to Indy Day 01 May 15, 2011

Some sights along the way – Hollywood to Phoenix – 400 miles on day 1:


Passing the Target truck


wind farm @ Palm springs


Dust devils and rumble strips on I-10, California desert


Driving puts a smile on my face!


The IndySoup-mobile, pit stop @ Quartzsite, AZ